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We have been told that the contractor will not finish the job. Don't use this company.

Original review posted by user Jul 05, 2015

Ok, i'm a customer whose still waiting for a job to be completed. The past month and a half has been disappointing, prompting me to check reviews and see if anyone else has had similar issues.

The first review i saw, which wasn't very good, made me think "ut oh", but the response from the company representative (speking of a bogus blog and cheap shots) caused me more concern than the complaint. I would have thought there would have been a more professional reply from a professional business. I'm hoping that response was from a worker and not the management. Anyway, in March we contracted with a representative of this company in Northern Florida.

Started well, but a little more than a month ago the work stopped. We've paid $12k in advance and the project has only reached the point where ground preparation is nearly complete and forms should start going up. I'd estimate the cost from start to where we are now as no more than a couple thousand dollars, but the company already has $12 thousand of our payments. We've been given several dates when work would be done, but haven't had anyone show up for over a month.

Getting ready to give up on the local representative and contact the main office, then start looking at legal remedies. Sadly, several neighbor's have seen our plans and have plans to have similar work done at their places.

I believe the company stands to lose on potential projects in my neighborhood if this continues to go south. Tom G.

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The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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He's based out of NH but fools people into believing that he's everywhere.

Most people don't review because they're ashamed that they were swindled.

Our job is falling apart and faded but our contract was with snake oil salesman, David Montoya, not the subs he never paid. He screwed over the subs who did the work so we know we'll never see him again because he's too busy changing his company name and getting reviews erased.

He blows into town, meets subs at concrete shows and offers to show them his craft for free if they do the work. Otherwise, "the course" costs thousands. Montoya knows they'll opt for the "free" version. He also says that he'll pay them to use their equipment but doesn't.

Toward the end of the project, he has them make a video with him about how great the process was. He does this before he's scheduled to pay them, of course. This is why you see happy contractors all over the net pushing his BS. Contact them now and you'll hear the reality.

Concrete guys don't like getting stiffed. He also says that he uses bunker grade concrete. It was not. You'll also see fake articles praising his craft...

The job he did on our property lacked the appropriate amount of rebar and drainage so it's falling apart and will cost a fortune to remove.

Unfortunately, the Attorney Generals office didn't have enough complaints in our state to proceed so he got off. This is why this thief moves around.

He also ruined the pool of a couple in NH and never returned.

As others stated, BBB is not a reliable source. Do you research, include his name since he changes his business name regularly, may have changed his name too,...

Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States #1083405

StoneMakers Corporation did not contract this job. You can in fact call our Office at 603-621-2844 and we can help you resolve this issue.

So to be sure the home Company did not have anything to do with this company using our name. I would however like to help you and would like to know who it was that was using our logo and name Thank you.

to StoneMakers Representative #1102547

Are you serious!!!!!!! I had a problem with one of your installers (This is Cathy B.

from California) and you told me it was not you but a licensed dealer and you can't do anything for me. I had more invested in my project than this but because this is public you are will to help them and screw me!!!! I called and sent the pictures and emails stating my concern only to have StoneMakers tell me it was not a "StoneMakers" job and to find the contractor.

The contractor tells me they are a trained and licensed StoneMaker and only use StoneMakers products. StoneMakers is a bunch of *** if they don't have any qualified installers or stand by the people they train.



please contact us at Stonemakers.net and emails you contact info so that we can help you resolve this issue with one of our dealers, thank you.

Hemet, California, United States #1007730

You make payments as work gets completed, how *** that you paid 12K in advance? Hope you learned your lesson.

to Pro #1007766

Yes Sir, thought it was a reputable company. But, obviously that is not the case and I have learned my lesson. Hoping others will learn the same about this company.

to Anonymous #1024267

What landscaping company did you use?

Tom G
to Anonymous #1024379

It operates under Stoneworks USA, but also carries the name Stonemakers. - Corporation.

to Anonymous #1146966

Again Anonymous Your thoughts and the real complains we have not heard because you have not called us. Your such a martyr taking time out of your busy schedule to tell everyone about your problem with Stonemakers wow good for you.

.... Hey here is a better idea . Call US!!!! yeah thats right Call US!!

tell us the problem you are having, yes everyone call us..... . 603-621-2844

that is the corporate office. there are real people that work there call them and tell them who you are or are you really Anonymous lol.

Its obvious you just want to complain not trying to get help because you are not legit thats why you can put your name.... Anonymous is that your last name our first??

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